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Competition Rules and Regulations

Dance Routine Guidelines:

Earthshakers The Competition is setting a new standard as the competition you can trust but we will need help from our attendees while keeping in line with this mission. Earthshakers directors check lyrics on every song submitted to help keep it a competition you can trust. All music will be approved by the Earthshakers Team when submitted. Any explicit or offensive lyrics, profanity or sexually suggestive music as well as lyrics about murder or suicide is prohibited. Earthshakers directors reserve the right to disapprove any music of this nature so please plan accordingly in entering the correct song artist, song title as well as uploading the correct cut version to the online registration site. Costuming that is not age appropriate or is suggestive in nature will be downgraded in scores or disqualified from the competition. Let your artistry speak for your integrity!

  • A deduction of one half point (0.5) will be made for every 10 seconds (or any portion thereof) in excess of the allotted time limit. You may purchase additional time for $5 per person up to 2 minutes. Time Limits are as follows:
    • Solo - 2:45
    • Duet/Trio - 2:45
    • Small Groups - 3:30
    • Large Groups - 3:30
    • Line - 4:00
    • Production - 6:00
  • There is no limit to the number of entries a studio may enter. We do accept independent entries at this time as well.
  • A soloist may compete in more than one solo as long as the routines are in different performance categories. However, the highest scoring solo will only be announced in the top scores at the Awards Ceremony.
  • Routines are expected to be performed in the order they are scheduled. Only Earthshakers staff members may change the order due to costume changes or unforeseen circumstances. Routines must be performed their scheduled day.
  • Dancers will need to be ready to perform one hour prior to their scheduled time. Failure to adhere to this guideline may result in a point deduction. There is a grace period of 4 dances to be allowed for costume changes, however, Earthshakers aims to avoid costuming scheduling conflicts before the final order is released.
  • Routines must be performed during the awards session in which they are scheduled. If the routine cannot perform during the awards session in which they are scheduled for any reason, it can be performed for judges’ comments only. The routine would not be eligible for overall awards. It will be announced on stage at the end of the awards session they performed and the appropriate adjudicated award will be given.
  • NO recording of any kind is allowed during a performance. This includes smart phones with video capabilities. Violation may result in disqualification of a routine from Overall Top Awards.
  • Earthshakers The Competition reserves the right to expand the dates of any competition due to the number of entries, or to move the competition to a new location due to unforeseen circumstances, or cancel any event that does not qualify with a minimum number of acceptable entries. If cancellation occurs, all entry fees will be refunded.
  • No dangerous substances (including, but not limited to: water, gels, rosin, aerosols, glitter, confetti, etc) that might damage the integrity of the dance floor may be used during a routine.
  • No props that could cause harm may be used on stage, such as fire, swords, knives, live animals, etc. Dancers may not stand, sit or dance on a prop higher than 6 feet. Props must be freestanding. Scenery or backdrops requiring the use of theater fly bars may not be used. Props must be prepared and set-up, and removed quickly. Judges may take excessive set-up or removal time into consideration. If the stage is “littered” during a routine, please notify the Earthshakers team in your registration notes and be prepared to clean it up immediately after the routine is finished.
  • Props must be prepared, set-up, and removed quickly. Judges may take excessive set-up/removal time into consideration or may cut into your dance time if props take longer than allotted time to set up or tear down props. Please see the Pricing/Divisions page for further details.
  • Dancers need to prepare to enter and exit the stage quickly and safely. This helps the competition stay on time or ahead of schedule!
  • Absolutely no coaching from the audience or backstage. Assisting may result in disqualification and/or point deduction.
  • Earthshakers The Competition shall in no way assume any responsibility for accidents or theft. Earthshakers and the hosting facility are not responsible for personal injury to performers, spectators or personal property loss.
  • Studio directors or an independent entry will be given a final competition schedule one week prior to the event. All changes and/or corrections must be submitted to Earthshakers before the final schedule is emailed out. A $25 charge may be added to changes made after the final schedule is given. All changes need to be emailed to ensure accuracy. No changes can be made to the final schedule 5 days before the competition begins.
  • Any teacher, parent, or performer displaying improper conduct, either though social media or at a competition, may result in a disqualification with the loss of entry fees.
  • All performers, attendees, teachers and studio owners grant permission to Earthshakers The Competition to use their photographs or videos to appear on local and/or national television, social media, Earthshakers’ website and/or program and mailers to promote its competitions.
  • Absolutely no alcoholic beverages are allowed at any Earthshakers The Competition events.

Costuming and Choreography Guidelines

Earthshakers - The Competition strives to be a competition you can trust. We want to set a family-friendly environment for all to enjoy through music, costuming and movement. We understand there will be various standards in these categories but aim to work together to provide a safe environment for all ages.

All choreography should be carefully thought through for an audience to engage with from ages 0-100. Costuming should be modest in nature. Midriffs and bikers are allowed but bralettes and high cut leotards with no tights will get point deductions. More skin may equal less points so please keep that in mind as you proceed with entries. If you have a question about costuming, music or choreography, Earthshakers welcomes any pictures or videos for a pre-approval process as we journey together in being the competition you can trust!

Music Requirements:

Earthshakers- The Competition prefers to have all music uploaded online with registration or emailed to no later than 21 days prior to the event. No changes can be made to your music uploads without the Earthshakers team approval after 21 days prior to the event or there is a possibility of playing the wrong track.

Please be sure that the sound quality of your recordings is excellent. Please make sure that all cues and fading out are already taken care of prior to uploading music.

Please be sure to upload the exact version of your performance music, because pitch/speed of music cannot be adjusted at the event.

Please keep a back-up USB available with you at the event for each entry. Each performance must have a separate track and labeled properly on the USB.


Competition may be limited due to time constraints. Entries are accepted in the order they are received. No entries will be accepted by fax or phone. All entries must be registered by the registration cut-off date (30 days prior to event); entries are final and non-refundable once received. Entries are not considered “Registered” until full payment is received. All entries must be registered online.

Online registration will end 30 days prior to the start of the event. To register after 30 days prior to this event, please call our office.

SPECIAL OFFER: A 5% discount of entry fees will be available to entries that are postmarked and paid 45 days prior to the first day of competition!

  • All entries and payments must be received 30 days prior to the stated date of the competition. All checks must be payable to Dance Revolution. Any payments postmarked after 30 days prior to the competition must be a certified check or money order.
  • No refunds will be made for competition fees! This includes studios, independent entries and individual performers within a studio.



  • Ballet - A routine that consists of ballet or pointe technique. Ballet or pointe shoes must be worn to be entered in the ballet category.
  • Tap - A routine containing tap technique, performed with tap shoes. No tap sounds to be recorded over audio.
  • Jazz - A routine demonstrating jazz technique, utilizing up-tempo music.
  • Lyrical - A routine that demonstrates lyrical technique.
  • Contemporary - A mix of jazz with emphasis on modern ballet technique.
  • Open - A routine that demonstrates any dance style or combination of styles. Examples include acro-gymnastics, ballroom, novelty, character and clogging. Routines containing more than 3 gymnastics/acro tricks must be entered in this category (with the exception of production).
  • Musical Theatre - A routine showcasing Broadway or theatre style dance. Singing is permitted in this category only. Microphones for vocals are not provided.
  • Hip Hop - A routine that demonstrates hip hop or street type moves.
  • Modern - An interpretive routine using a contemporary/modern style. Should incorporate balance and control.
  • Improv
    • Two age categories: 12 and under, 13+
    • Judges will pick the Improv music selection
    • Dancers will have 45 seconds to perform any style to music given to them by the judges as a group, then each individual will dance 45 seconds in any style to different music given to them by the judges and complete the Improv round as a group to perform any style to different music given by the judges for 45 seconds.
    • Winners will receive a plaque in each category
    • Limited space! $40 per entry.


  • How are ages determined?
    All ages are as of January 1, 2021
  • What is the average age of participants?
    Age will be determined by the average age and then drop the decimal point. For example; the average age of a group is 13.7, drop the .7 and the group will be registered in the 13 year old age category.
  • Do I need to bring something to prove my child's DOB?
    A birth certificate will need to be provided if your child looks younger or older than their actual age.
  • Will dressing rooms be assigned?
    Dressing rooms will be assigned when at all possible. At certain locations, there may be one large dressing room for all girls as well as a separate dressing room for boys. At other locations, we may be able to separate the girl dressing rooms more. Teachers will also be able to enjoy a separate VIP lounge area assigned to them only.




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