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Pricing / Divisions

Competition Levels:

Please consider the following when determining which competition level fits your routine:

  • Number of years of dance experience.
  • Amount of competition experience.
  • Technical ability.
  • Hours of technical dance training per week.
  • Past Scoring - for example: a dancer who consistently wins in the Prodigy level is demonstrating that they have mastered that level and should move to the Protege level. Likewise, a dancer who needs to strengthen their core or has not mastered the more difficult technical elements of the Prestige level might try competing in the Protege level until they are stronger.
  • Routines containing a combination of Prodigy, Protégé and Prestige dancers/performers should be entered in the level in which the majority of the dancers fall.
  • Place your dancer where they can be challenged but also gain confidence to become a better dancer. We aim for dancers to compete with other dancers of equal abilities.
  • Since the Earthshakers staff has no way of knowing how many hours a student/performer dances or how many years they have danced, it is up to their teachers to use the best judgement and place them in the appropriate level. Our Earthshakers staff and judges will trust that the dance studio owners and teachers will be honest and fair when evaluating levels for each routine. Judges do have the right to move any routine to the appropriate category if they feel the routine has been misappropriated. ALL JUDGES DECISIONS ARE FINAL!
  • Earthshakers reserves the right to limit solo entries due to time constraints. At this time, there is no limit to solo entries per studio.

Prodigy - Recreational/Beginner dancers who receive limited weekly studio time and have had little if any, stage time other than at their annual recital. They have not had the time to master the technical skill that are required in the competition’s higher levels.
Protege - This intermediate level is for those dancers who may not be considered beginner because of previous dance experience but are training 5 hours or less per week.
Prestige - This level is for advanced dancers who average several hours of technical dance training per week and have strong technical ability. These dancers have significant competition and or stage experience.


Solo - $95.00
Duet/Trio - $125.00 (total)
Groups - $45.00 (per dancer)
Line - $45.00 (per dancer)
Production - $50.00 (per dancer)
Improv - $40.00 (per dancer)

Entry Division:

Small Group (4-9)
Large Group (10-19)
Line (20-40)
Production (40+)

Age Divisions:

Mini Shakers: 6 & under
Petite Shakers: 7-9
Junior Shakers: 10-12
Teen Shakers: 13-15
Senior Shakers: 16-19
Pro-Am Shakers: 20+

Time Limits:

Solo - 2:45
Duet/Trio 2:45
Small Groups - 3:30
Large Groups - 3:30
Line - 4:00
Production - 6:00

SPECIAL OFFER! A 5% discount of entry fees will be available to entries that are postmarked and paid 45 days prior to the first day of competition.

May purchase additional time for $5.00 per person up to 2 minutes.

Prop set-up and tear-down exceeding 1 minute each automatically begins the timing of that routine. Production prop set up and tear-down exceeding 2:30 minutes each will begin the timing of that routine. Please make note in your online registration if you know you'll need set-up time to help us plan breaks, etc. Extended time may be necessary so please plan accordingly. Call the Earthshakers office for specific questions on time limits.




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