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Earthshakers Health & Safety Protocols

Effective 10/6/2022

Earthshakers has been praying, working and strategizing over the last few months to introduce updated health procedures and guidelines so that we can offer the safest competition for our attendees. As you know, some of our dates and venues are months away from taking place so information may change in the upcoming months and all information is subject to change. We will be updating this page every 14 days for your convenience. Earthshakers has and will continue to monitor policies and public health organizations at each location. Please see below for our current plan of action and how we are working to make this competition season the best yet!

  • All locations will be held in person at this time
  • At this time, face coverings are to be worn in the lobby and ballrooms. It is optional to wear face coverings on the Earthshakers stage.
  • The competition will be held in block scheduling. Please see below for more details on this update.
  • Due to capacity limits, all registrations will be on a first come, first served availability. Payment must be made in full to be considered fully registered for Earthshakers- The Competition.
  • All information subject to change.

Earthshakers Staff Protocols

Earthshakers Staff will receive temperature and wellness checks every day of the event. We also require that studio owners and teachers implement a temperature check with their students and staff each morning of the competition. Our Staff and volunteers will be receiving training in CDC sanitizing and cleanliness as well.

Registered Studios & Independent Dancers- Wellness Form

Each studio will be required to turn in a form given before the competition weekend stating they will and have conducted temperature and wellness checks for each dancer & teacher before they enter the dressing room or ballroom for their scheduled session. They will be required to turn in the signed form after they complete their adjudication ceremony. If someone has symptoms of illness or a temperature 100.4 or higher, they will not be admitted to dance, enter the dressing room or attend the ceremony in the ballroom.

Blocked Scheduling

Studios and independent dancers will be given a time frame on one day for all of their routines to compete. Please note, depending on the number of entries, a blocked session may have 2-6 studios or independent dancers within that one session. Earthshakers will hold an adjudication ceremony at the end of each blocked schedule session. Dancers will be asked to sit with their studio in the audience during the adjudication ceremony and one representative will come to the front of the stage to collect their adjudication award at a time.

Please note, to stay on our schedule, please come to your scheduled session fully ready for your first costume and change costumes quickly as we will go in order of the program as closely as possible.

Overall Awards Ceremony

The Overall Awards Ceremony will happen at the end of the weekend. Studios will be allowed to send up to five studio representatives for this ceremony. No other guests will be allowed to attend this ceremony. We are working to have a live stream set up for guests to watch online and encourage hosting a watch party!

Backstage Area

No one will be allowed backstage but the performers and one studio representative (teacher, choreographer, studio director). Please help reduce crowding and leave the backstage area once your piece is completed and enter with your next routine 3 routines before you are scheduled.

In regards to props, studios and dancers will need to provide their own representatives to help their props get on and off the stage. Prop help will only be allowed to enter the backstage area one number prior and will need to exit the backstage area once they take off the prop onstage. Prop helpers must wear a mask or face covering. Please note prop time limits still apply. See Rules and Regulations for details.


We will continue to be in contact with our venues regarding their most updated capacity limits. We will abide by the venue's capacity in each ballroom as they are working with the local government's regulations. At this time, we do not have a limit on the number of spectators a studio or independent dancer can have due to the blocked session that will be scheduled for each studio and independent dancer. Seating will be set up to promote social distancing and we ask that our guests be aware.

Face Protection

We know this is a question for many people and as of today, we will be abiding by requirements of each hotel and venue when it comes to face coverings. Face coverings or masks will be required by all attendees except for dancers when onstage performing. Earthshakers judges will not mark off points for face coverings or masks onstage.

Earthshakers Staff will be required to wear face coverings as of today.

COVID-19 Related Illness

If the event is held and a dancer cannot attend because they were diagnosed with COVID-19, please notify the Earthshakers Office via email at at least 24 hours prior to the start of the event and provide a valid positive test result. Upon receipt of the positive test result, Earthshakers will provide a full refund within 21 days.

Ballroom Doors

Ballroom Doors will remain open as much as possible to reduce touchpoints as much as possible.

Water Stations

We ask that all attendees bring their own labeled water bottle for the weekend as we will be eliminating water stations at this time.

Cashless at the Earthshakers Main Table/MB Culture/Other Vendors:

  • Earthshakers will be using credit and debit cards only for payment at this time.
  • We ask that you use hand sanitizer prior to any shopping or transaction
  • We will ALSO be offering ability to purchase merchandise online during all of our events!

Dressing Room

  • We are asking to be back in the Dressing Room no more than 5-10 minutes before your blocked session so we can sanitize and clean the space before you enter. You will receive your "Dressing Room Time" one week prior to the competition. Please help avoid crowding outside the Dressing Room doors as well as the ballroom doors.

Stage & Dressing Room Cleanliness & Sanitizing

We will be taking an extended break after each session and to clean and disinfect before the next session enters. We encourage students to sanitize hands before and after they perform onstage.


We will release the program before the event begins and have a QR code available onsite for guests.

Venue Cleanliness

Each hotel and venue will be increasing cleaning throughout the weekend of all major touchpoints. (i.e handrails, elevators)

Earthshakers 2021 "Game Plan" for Refunds and more!

At Earthshakers - The Competition, we believe in MOVING FORWARD in this season! With that said, we are working on solutions to help with studios, parents and dancers to feel comfortable registering for our competition event.

If one our Earthshakers competition dates is cancelled due to government mandates or COVID-related obstacles, a FULL refund will be given within 21 days of the notification of cancellation.

* Please refer to the section above, COVID Related Illness, in regards to refunds for a person testing positive for COVID prior to attending Earthshakers- The Competition.



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